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Pellets production line

A very versatile production line possible to produce various groups of pellets – namely chips shapes,  Die-cut shapes, 3D and perforated shaped pellets have been sold to the famous Dina Food industries and is expected to be installed in 2014. 

This is the biggest installation of such line on the market and the start to a very successful investment by Dina group of companies.

Acquiring this technology will allow them to produce many pellets locally and although the capacity is already pre-sold but this could launch a good start to many more lines in the near future.
Boiler for chips line

BoilerThis 4 million Kcal/hr vertical thermic oil boiler is not only able to produce hot thermic oil for oil-oil heat exchangers but also has been engineered to produce hot water from return of oil to boiler and thus having energy savings in mind.

We are able to supply various types of boilers and study various solutions to provide a suitable and sound machinery.

PastaZar Makaron – Karaj, Iran

The first Nest shaped pasta line in the Iranian market was launched successfully in Zar Makaron's factory at the end of 2011.

The line offers a wide flexibility in the application of drying diagrams, with a wide range of possible shapes. All extruded and laminated shapes can be produced, from Angel's Hair to Pappardelle. The flexibility of the drying diagrams also allows keeping the Maillard reaction under control.

But most important of all, with its unique shape and texture, this gives Zar an unprecedented market advantage over its other competition on the market. 

Zam Zam LogoZam Zam Group – Isfahan, Iran

De-aerator MachineDe-aerator machine to remove the high oxygen levels in their
Isfahan facility was supplied in 2012. With this machine, they
are now able to have better carbonation and a more constant product than before.

Sadaf Talaee LogoSadaf Talaee Iranian – Tehran, Iran

Tehran FactoryA brand new state of the art factory started near Tehran with its official launch in 2011. A complete turnkey line supplied to produce various breakfast cereals using the extrusion technology. The line supplied is able to produce Rings, Balls, Rice crisps, Cookies, Pillows and Flakes. 
With its dedicated Syrup Coating line, a variety of flavours and colors can be created to produce many wonderful flavours.
Also, with a special packaging system, aside from the standard packaging in bags and in carton boxes (each separately), a mixture of products can be packed in one box simultaneously – enabling to have mixed cereals concept.


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